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Oh my gosh, that moment! It was so sad, but I’m interested where he was taken after that.

I like to think that he was taken to a beautiful planet. One with golden light and fields of crops, which tasted delicious. One where the inhabitants of that planet treated him well, and with respect. Where Loki found peace after the chaos of his parentage. Maybe he even found love. I like to believe he was in his Heaven. 

But the planet was cruelly stripped away from him in an attack. And once again, Loki was left with nothing, continuously drifting, a shadow flowing through the galaxy. Tear marks staining his face. Thats when he finds Thanos. In the darkness, Thanos is the only ounce of light Loki could find. But the Titan tortured the God, made him scream until his throat was hollow and hoarse. 

The offer was made to him. "Aid us in our quest to get the Tesseract, Loki. The power will be yours. Midgard will be yours."

And no matter how many times Loki refused, he had to give in.

But I  truly believe, that for one time, Loki found Heaven. 

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